The Nobul Approach to your Digital Footprint

1. First, do a quick google search of yourself Imagine viewing the search from your potential employer’s point of view. Don’t like what you see? Read on… 2. Privatise your profiles Keep it clean! Untag [...]

Sales- A roller coaster of emoticons

The emoticon world once started as the simple semi colon and open bracket, fast forward to 2017, a world of unicorns and monkeys enhancing your CRM. Here at Nobul, we got thinking; working in sales [...]

The Nobul Approach to Interviews

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail..."   As important as the interview is, it is vital you prepare beforehand to ensure the interview process runs as smooth as possible. Research [...]

The Ultimate Sales Person Playlist

  1.‘Hello’- Adele When you’ve been cold calling all day, you’ve literally called a 1000 times and no one picks up. Bad. Day.   2. ‘Living on a Prayer’- Bon Jovi It’s the last day [...]

The Nobul Approach to CV writing

Firstly, remember what your CV is for. In our experience, no one has ever secured a job offer purely from their CV. The purpose of your CV is to secure you an interview; it’s a [...]