Taking recruitment off your hands

Finding the right talent is critical for every business, especially those striving to grow or develop into new areas. It is also incredibly time-consuming to source recruiters and potential candidates only to find yourself down another blind alley.

When the success of your business is dependent on the talent you hire, then you need to treat recruitment as a business function with professional focus.

“Being a relatively small but growing company, one of the biggest challenges we had was the amount of time we were spending on the recruitment process as a whole”

Richard Wilson, CEO, Spotlight

Working in close partnership with our clients to develop trusted relationships, we take the stress out of your recruitment process. Delivering a Professional Recruitment experience that enables you, and your team, to focus on the day job!

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, NOBUL’s Managed Service Recruitment provides Permanent, Contract and Fixed-term recruitment services for businesses with 20-500 staff.

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NOBUL Managed Service Recruitment offers an efficient, cost-effective alternative. By taking recruitment off your hands you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Partnering with the UK’s leading casting service company

At the heart of the performing arts industry, Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions. As a fast-growing company, Spotlight recognised the need for an effective talent strategy to aid their journey of success.

The Challenges

  • Time-consuming for HR and Hiring Managers; writing job spec, managing advert responses & interviewing unsuitable candidates

  • Inconsistency with the recruitment process across the business

  • Volume of recruitment – opening new positions in Digital / Membership / CRM areas.

  • No central system for recruiting, resulting in errors and inefficiencies

Key Successes

  • 3-1 interview to hire ratio, meaning managers only interview 3 candidates to find the right person

  • Hiring time reduced to 20 working days from sign off

  • 98% offer to hire ratio

  • Identified and attracted, more suitable, and higher quality talent, increasing retention levels to 96%

Their understanding of our business needs and desires is what makes Nobul great. They know exactly what we are looking for and how to get it. Nobul really are a great recruitment partner, an extension of the Spotlight team – we’ve already renewed our contract” 

Richard Wilson, CEO, Spotlight

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