The emoticon world once started as the simple semi colon and open bracket, fast forward to 2017, a world of unicorns and monkeys enhancing your CRM.

Here at Nobul, we got thinking; working in sales can be a roller coaster of emotions, is there an emoji for every type of emotion you go through in sales?

1. Pay Day…obviously!

2. Last day of the month.

3.Great. Another post on LinkedIn saying it’s not Facebook.

4. When your colleague resigns and the boss is dishing out their accounts.

5.The same ‘Employee of month’ for the 100th time.

6.Closing the deal just before the close of play on the last day of the month.

7.Calling up a potential client and you haven’t got a clue how to pronounce their name. WINGIN’ IT.

8.When the manager you’re calling picks up and he’s in a ‘‘meeting’’.

9.Walking out of the office on a Friday.

10.Walking back into the office on a Monday.

11.When you know a deal is going to collapse but you’ve promised your manager you’re going to close it this month, so you duck all of the calls from the client.

12.When a colleague wishes you a ‘Happy hump day’.

13.The newbie ‘my middle name is motivation’, ‘I’m a hugger’.

14.HALLELUIAH, they called back.

15.When marketing tell you they have a hot lead for you.