1. First, do a quick google search of yourself

Imagine viewing the search from your potential employer’s point of view. Don’t like what you see? Read on…

2. Privatise your profiles

Keep it clean! Untag yourself from negative comments/photos that may not show you in the best light. Employers DO NOT want to know the ins and outs of your “Saturday night antics” #Girlsnightout #LADSontour. If in doubt privatise your profiles.

3. With this in mind, use the platform to your advantage

Do you have a particular hobby whether it be sports, photography, relatable to the job you are applying for? OR wrote a blog while you were travelling? Instagram, for example, is an excellent way of showing these skills to your employer, think of it as a personal scrapbook.

4. Is it worth setting up a separate social media accounts?

For example; applying for a Marketing job? Social media is a perfect way to show you are engaging with current global trends by sharing/retweeting etc on certain subjects.

5. Don’t overshare
Again, keep it clean. Remember your every step on social media is permanent. It’s great you’ve got strong opinions on certain subjects, BUT keep in mind whatever you’re sharing the world can see.

6. Keep your CV and social media profile in sync
We are not naïve enough to believe that every CV is a genuine reflection of someone’s career history, nor do we encourage altering the facts. But if you are going to do it, at least have the sense to ensure your social profiles do not contradict you!

7. Stay active
LinkedIn is a great way of finding out vital details about the company. Follow them, share any articles you’re interested in and engage with your connections- it shows your interest!

8. Buzzwords
Recruiters use LinkedIn like they use jobs boards, so make sure you include all the right buzz words on your profile if you want to be found.