1.‘Hello’- Adele

When you’ve been cold calling all day, you’ve literally called a 1000 times and no one picks up. Bad. Day.


2. ‘Living on a Prayer’- Bon Jovi

It’s the last day of the month, deadline day! All of your pipeline has disappeared and you’re ‘living on a prayer’ if you’re not going to blank.


3. ‘My House’ – Flo rida

Its Pay day after a big commission, and like Florida you’re already openin’ up the champagne.  You are owning the office like its your house.


4. ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

 It’s the new year, a fresh start and you’re sat with your manager when he asks “what are you going to achieve this year?”. Having not learned your lesson from previous years around setting expectations, you tell the Boss there ain’t no mountain high enough and you can always count on me.



5. ‘Why Does it always rain on me’- Travis

 Ever had one of those months where everything you touch turns to gold? What about the months where everything goes wrong? Certain deals pull out for implausible reasons, Gone are those Sunny days. And you’re left sat asking yourself “why does it always rain on me”


6.One way or Another’ – Blondie

You’ve just left your 4th voice mail of the day trying to get hold of a manager to close a deal, but they’ve disappeared……. One way or another you’re gonna find them, meet with them? “…..maybe next week….?” *beeeeep* *end of voice mail*


7. I Just Called to say I love you’ -Stevie Wonder

You’ve just signed a HUGE deal and the follow up call to the client goes a little something like… ‘I just called to say…. (you get it).


8. All by Myself ‘ – Celine Dion

When you’re the one responsible for the team failing to hit a group incentive. Horse Races? No chance. Early finish? Definitely not… You can feel your colleague’s eyes burning into the back of you as you are left “All by myself”


9. ‘Every Breathe you take’ – The Police

Got a big target client? Added them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Four square, Instagram, know where they live? Where their children go to school? Every move they make, every breath they take – you’ll be watching them.


10. ‘Don’t you want me’ – The Human League

You walk in on a Monday morning to that ill fated email from the client you signed the deal last Friday saying they’ve reconsidered! ‘you know I don’t believe you when you said that you don’t need me’.


11.Fight the Power’ – Public Enemy

Picture the scene, it’s the end of year sales conference, you’re sat with all of your colleagues when the boss stands up and informs you all that they’re changing the commission structure… It’s nothing to worry about though… they’ve done it so you can earn more…

“Fight the Power.. we’ve got to fight the powers that be”


12.  ‘Stronger’ – Kanye West

Ever had one of those days when every objection thrown at you, you hit for six? Client busy, in a meeting, no budget? Yo got this! Whatever objections don’t kill you are only going to make you stronger?