From a Lion to a Polar Bear, can you spot these animal characteristics in your office?


   The Lion   

The Lion, this sales person is the top of the food chain. Never fearing any danger, this sales person is always bags a win. Like the Lion they are never off guard, always seeking the next opportunity as their prey. The Lion is difficult to ignore and their confidence roars.                    


     The Polar Bear     

  With the Polar bear, the deal is always coming. This sales person is always working on “several big deals that are going to happen” BUT they never do!  They do ALWAYS manage to sneak one deal in to keep their job. Just like a Polar bear, who spend the winter hunting; just catching enough to eat in order  to survive!


The Cat (Boss Favourite)    

The cat will always get passed everything on a silver platter. There are rumours they may have a different kind of relationship with the boss. Generally looking like the cat that got the cream by the end of the day when they get passed the deal. “We get it, you’re the favourite Sue” *eyeroll**yawn* *eyeroll* etc etc.



        The Dog (The Loyal one)   

You can cut their salary, change their commission structure constantly, after promising you would never do it again, but like the Labrador they will always stay loyal to you. This sales person, you might want to run a ‘few’ errands or send over the whole office coffee order. Want a Job done? The Labrador will be waiting at the door  with the lead in its mouth.




        The Sheep  

The Sheep is the what the majority of the sales team are made up of. Sheep are the valued workers within the office. The heard are the average performers; never at the top, never at the bottom and never any trouble! BUT you can’t survive without them.  Two or three good sheep are what every good sales team need!



      The Chimp    

“how does x person still have a job here” is something you will here often. They never sell but EVERY member of staff from sales to operation to finance will have a story about this person. You wonder whether those photos on their phone of the Directors doing things they shouldn’t from a night out have something to do with  them still having a job.


       The Dodo     

Like the Dodo, this sales person is stuck in a former time period; failing to keep up with the digital age, and too afraid to enter the world of social media. This sales person, like the Dodo, slowly loses the ability to fly into the modern age. The Dodo fails  to evolve into a world of LinkedIn, Twitter and CRM.



       The Parrot 

The Parrot is a master sales scholar, they can quote; Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar and EVEN the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People off by heart. Like the Parrot, these sales people are the most colourful of the office bunch. The Parrot is often found repeating the words “coffee is for closers” ONLY in the end found not  very effective at all.


    The Vultures

The vultures have never won a new account in their life. They are often found hovering around, waiting for someone to leave the business, go off sick, then jump straight into action and steal the account. This sales person, is regularly found digging into a persons left overs.