‘Talent brand’ is one of the new buzzwords that has hit the world of recruiting. Some buzzwords are best left ignored, but this is definitely one that as an employer, you should pay attention to.

Your talent brand is different to your company brand. Your company brand centres on whether someone would buy your product/service or see you as an authority in a certain area. Whereas your talent brand focuses on whether someone would want to work for you. It might be called an employer brand, company image, or positioned as talent attraction, but the meaning is the same.

Why is your talent brand important?

Who cares if a person doesn’t want to work for you? You should, that’s who! Let’s face it, people are not shy about sharing bad experiences. They are vociferous in telling friends and family about how clunky or unfair your recruitment process is. And they are more than happy to hit the keyboard and write a scathing review of your business on Glassdoor, Facebook, or in a Google review.

Picture the scenario – Person A has a bad experience, but that’s ok, person B who you met at first interview is a perfect fit. You believe they will take your business forward and be a huge asset to the team.  

However, person B does some more research into your company before the second interview. They’ve got a few options for the next career move, so they’re doing their homework, just as most candidates do. They see the review from person A, and multiple other comments dotted around on the internet. Without warning or giving you the chance to justify your actions or even defend yourself, person B drops you a polite email withdrawing from the interview process.

Cut through the buzzwords and recruiting noise

We don’t go in for buzzwords at Nobul (the clue is in our name – No Bull!) Our values, and one of the key reasons we started our business, was to cut through the noise and buzzword bingo that comes from within the recruitment industry. Whether you’re a Talent Brand fan or you prefer the term employer brand or company culture, this area is critical to your ability to attract, hire and retain top talent in the future. 

LinkedIn’s Winning Talent research showed a whopping 53% of workers in the UK would not move to a business that has a reputation for poor job security and poor leadership, even if they were offered more money; which, contrary to popular belief, is not the biggest motivator for someone moving roles!

What makes up your talent brand?

Your talent brand is anything that someone would think about when asking themselves the question, “would I like to work for x”. It’s the picture someone creates in their mind when thinking about you as an employer.

The main areas that help bring your talent brand to life are:

  • Social Media – think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… what are your social posts saying about your company culture. Who has responsibility for these and what core messages are they sharing?
  • Glassdoor – a staggering 70% of job seekers use Glassdoor before applying for a role. There is some debate about the legitimacy of the reviews, but ultimately, if your Glassdoor rating is poor, it’s going to hinder your recruitment efforts
  • Your careers page or pages – it’s often the first port of call for candidates, and they will get a feel for you through how your careers pages are presented. If it’s a dry list of jobs with a simple apply now button, then it’s not doing you justice. Bring in success stories, case studies from employees who work with you, a video tour of your premises featuring different members of staff, and this will really bring your talent brand to life
  • Employee advocacy makes up a big part of your talent brand. Essentially this is what your employees say about you when you’re not listening. Are they advocates of your company as an employer, sharing positive stories about their career, their training and the company culture? Or are they clock watching because they can’t wait to get out of the door and tell their friends and family about the pitfalls of life at your company? Hopefully the former!
  • Recruitment process & candidate experience; often overlooked, but this is the core part of your talent brand. What experience do you give candidates throughout their interactions with your business? And we’re not just talking about the successful candidates. What about those that weren’t successful at the final stage? Or even the ones who applied on your website for the role but were not successful. Those automated ‘thanks for applying, but if you don’t hear from us, you’ve haven’t been successful’ leave a sour taste in any applicant’s mouth.


Start tuning in to your talent brand and see the process from the jobseeker’s side. Keep an eye out for our next blog, How to Audit Your Talent Brand, where we’ll share how you can take an unbiased view of your recruitment process, and what steps you need to take to improve it.