Track Record

  • Scaling an HR Tech Business: 20 Hires in 4 months

    Supported a new go to market strategy helping to scale the commercial function quickly, hiring SDRs through to the VP of marketing and wider supporting hires
  • Redefine a talent strategy and deliver key hires

    Nobul aided our software development client to redefine their talent strategy and target what 'good looked like', with a focus on skillset fit rather than arbitrary experience alignment. Through comprehensive interviewing and extensive qualification, the key roles were delivered within six weeks.
  • Hiring a marketing team Into a Med Tech Organisation, with a focus on demand gen

    Building a UK arm of an established American business, delivering senior appointments across Customer Success and Marketing, with a focus on Demand Gen.

  • Developing A Successful Talent Strategy¬†For A UK Leader in its field

    The design of a bespoke recruitment solution for the UK's leading casting agency. Developing a market map of active and passive candidates, leading to a campaign of highly targeted advertising. We reduced manager interview to hire ratio to 3:1, reduced time-to-hire to 27 days, and drove offer to hire to an exceptional 98% ratio.
  • Hiring into UK Government Body

    Decarbonisation funding, non-deparmental government body, oversee two decarbronisation schemes - building a new business function - recruiting hires from director level, to business analysis, building a fully functional satellite office for the campaign.